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About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Kelsey and I live with my husband, daughter, and pup in the "west slope, best slope" (western slope) of Colorado. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology and a Master's degree in Athletic Administration. However, after many years of school and struggling with my own health issues, I realized my passion was to study holistic nutrition. I am certified both as a Master Nutrition Therapist and as an Autoimmune Paleo coach.


While I was in college, I became very sick (read my healing journey for full story).  After numerous doctor visits without an explanation, I finally sought out the help of a holistic nutritionist. That moment changed my life forever. My nutritionist became my role model, and I want to serve as a role model for others who struggle with their health. As a Master Nutrition Therapist, I believe in bio-individuality, thus requiring different healing protocols for each person. In our fast-paced society today, people are susceptible to developing gut flora disturbances, due to stress, diet, lifestyle, etc. As an autoimmune paleo coach and someone who manages autoimmune diseases herself, helping people manage their autoimmune diseases through diet and lifestyle factors is also a part of my mission.


In my free time, you will find me partaking in outdoor adventures in the beautiful lands of western Colorado and southeast Utah. I also enjoy cooking up allergen-friendly recipes for friends and family, checking out local farmer's markets or health food stores, and geeking out on different nutrition topics!



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