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Initial Consultation

1 hour, 30 min


In the initial consult, we will meet for an hour and a half and complete a comprehensive case review of your health history. Before the appointment, my intake questionnaire and food journal must be completed in order for us to maximize the value of our 90-minute session together. Included in this appointment:

·       Initial interview

·       Nutrition & lifestyle assessment

·       Food journal assessment

·       Follow up email regarding your personalized wellness plan

·       Supplement recommendations (if needed)

Follow Up Appointments

1 hour


In order to succeed in your personalized wellness plan, I recommend a 60-minute update meeting every 2-4 weeks to continue incorporating healthy habits. In this follow up appointment, we will update your action plan as needed to help you achieve optimal wellness. It can take time to determine the root cause(s) of your major health concerns. Therefore, we may need to meet more frequently as we are first developing your action plan. As you start to thrive, we can space out meetings further. Check out my value packages to support you for months at a time.


After our appointment, I will always provide a follow-up email outlining your updated wellness plan.

Check in Calls

15 min


Check-in calls can be scheduled in 15-minute increments as needed. This session is an easy way to ask a few questions or schedule a quick coaching session. 

Complimentary Intro Call

20 min


I offer a complimentary intro call to discuss your health goals, explain my practice, and determine how I can help you feel your best. I believe in a bio-individualistic approach, in which I tailor my services to meet your unique situation. Finding a health coach/nutritionist who you are compatible with is an important piece in the healing process. Email me at or call/text me now to schedule at (970) 275-6797.

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